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Tailored Solutions mean more than just meeting needs; they mean anticipating them. We work closely with our clients and suppliers to ensure that every transaction is seamlessly executed, from sourcing the right products to delivering them efficiently and reliably - regardless of the volume. Our focus on competitive pricing and high service standards sets us apart, making us a preferred partner in the commodities trade.

Tailored Solutions

Global Commodities are at the heart of what we do. Our extensive experience and a vast network of partners allow us to operate on a global scale. We assist our suppliers in reaching desired markets, offering comprehensive consultation and market insights. For our customers, we source products from anywhere in the world, finance transactions, and ensure safe and swift delivery to any location.

Global Commodities

Advanced Technology underpins our operations, enabling us to conduct business globally, efficiently and minimize risks. Our state-of-the-art tools serve the business in order management, logistics, and communication, ensuring that we are always ahead of the curve. We continuously invest in technology to enhance our operational efficiency and productivity, providing our clients with the best possible service.

Advanced Technologies

Our Philosophy

  • Wood Pulp:


    Cotton Pulp / Cotton Linters

    Graphical Papers & Boards:

    UWF, CWF, Newsprint

    Specialties: Carbonless, Thermal, Filtration, Wallpaper


    SK, MG, MF, CCM Virgin and Recycled, FBB/WLC/SBS/SUB


    Tissue Mother Reels

  • VSF – textile and nonwoven

    PSF – textile and nonwoven:

    Solid fibers virgin and recycled

    Hollow/HC/HCS virgin and recycled

    Low Melt

    Short Cut Virgin and Recycled

    PLA Fibers

    Yarns – Textile and Technical

    Acetate Cellulose Tow

  • Petrochemicals:

    Crude Oil / Light Crude Oil/ Virgin Base Oil,

    JET A-1, LNG/LPG, Diesel En590, Diesel Fuel Oil, Auto Gas Oil, 


    Urea: AdBlue, Fertilizer Grades


Our Products

Our Services

Discover global opportunities through our extensive network and strong supplier relationships. At SCT, we empower you to source the ideal product under the most favorable conditions. We guide your choices based on allocation, quality, and lead time requirements, ensuring you get exactly what you need, when you need it.


Whether you're entering a new market or expanding your presence, we provide tailored support at every stage. Our team delivers both general insights and specific market intelligence, crafting and implementing strategies aligned with your objectives. As transparent consultants, agents, or independent operators, we are your trusted partner in achieving market success.

Sales & Marketing

Logistics is in our DNA. We design optimal solutions tailored to your product's needs, focusing on cost-efficiency, dependable lead times, and risk minimization. Whether it involves sea, air, rail, road, or multi-modal transport, we manage the journey from origin to destination, including interim stocking as needed.


Our transactional finance services bridge the gap between producers and customers, offering flexible payment terms that ensure smooth financial transactions . 

Our experienced team tailors these solutions to align with your specific business needs and market conditions, enhancing trade security and promoting business growth. With our support, all parties can concentrate on their core business, free from financial distractions.


Navigating the complexities of global trade requires experience and precision. At SCT we identify and mitigate a variety of risks at every transaction point. We adeptly handle currency risks, protect against payment default risks, minimize transportation risks and manage quality claims efficiently tto maintain trust and satisfaction in all dealings. With our strategic oversight, your international trade operations are protected

Risk Management

We streamline your export and import processes by mastering the unique requirements of each country and region. Leveraging our global network of partners and brokers, we offer comprehensive assistance—from preparing essential documents to handling complete customs clearance—lightening your administrative load.


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